Chemtec LACT skids are prefabricated, skid-mounted assemblies used at attended or unattended leases (LACT) and loading\unloading (ACT) points to determine the quantity and quality of liquid hydrocarbons.The purpose of LACT skids is to ensure accurate hydrocarbon measurement between owners and their customers.

LACT units allow dynamic custody transfer of merchantable liquid hydrocarbons by:

  • Acquiring and retaining representative composite samples over time
  • Determining quantity and quality of the hydrocarbons and
  • Re-circulating liquid hydrocarbons that need further treating

LACT units need to be fail-safe to shut down or divert when excess water content is detected.

All welding, assembly and testingof LACT skids is performed at Chemtec’s modern facility. Quality is ensured since all structural welding, pipe welding and product assembly is performed by qualified and experienced Chemtec technicians.